Thursday, 16 May 2013

Cro-knit Double Ended Crochet Hook

I was unpacking things from storage and ran across a double-ended crochet hook. Now I know I have a book on it and tried it in the past and couldn't figure it out for anything.  But I figured I could try again if I could find a tutorial on You-tube and now I am happily making something which may turn out to be a hat. The written directions that came with the hook said to cast on 36 to make a scarf, so I did. But this thing is way too wide to be a scarf, so I thought I'd either make an envelope hat or a vest. Before I make a vest I need to figure out how to make increases and decreases, so I can make arm holes.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Children's Robin Hood Hat

I almost have the first children's version of the Robin Hood hat sewn together. Since I was hand-sewing while in the truck, I added a leaf to the side.  With three grand kids I'm sure these hats will come in handy. But I hope to at least try to sell some at the archery swap meet this Sat., which means more sewing today.
Adult Robin Hood Hat

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Kids Arrows

I recently finished 24 kid's arrows and one flu-flu. The pink ones sold right away. But I can always make more. They are made of poplar. I've made arrows before, but it's been awhile and these are the first kid's arrows I've attempted, so I'm proud of myself.

Adult Robin Hood Hat

Whipping together a Robin Hood hat prototype for an event on Sat. If it works, I'll make a kid's version.