Tuesday, 24 February 2015

OMG I Have So Many Ideas!

I've had so many ideas and so many new projects going that it makes my head spin. And now I just found a freeform crochet group on Facebook I just have to join if they'll have me. Here are some things I've started recently that I don't want to lose track of:
1. Boho crochet purse
2. Crocheted hexagon dress
3. Bunnies with no arms or legs
4. Circular freeform crocheted hat
5. Freestyle crochet mood afghan
6. Hexagon mood afghan
7. Gelli Printing
8. Crochet Terrarium with mushrooms and a hanging moon
9. Resin jewelry
10. Witch knitted pullover

I'm sure I'm forgetting some but I'll stop there for now so I can crochet before bedtime.

Bunny with no arms or legs.

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