Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Gold Scarf, Mood Afghan and Quilted Tote Bags

Yesterday I finished knitting the sparkly gold scarf. I still have to fix the fringe on it.

And I am also caught up with my 365 day mood afghan. I need to organize all the pieces before they get lost.

The new kitten Houdini is making it harder to craft. He keeps jumping up on my lap or flopping over on the table wanting his tummy scratched. For a feral cat he sure is a cuddly guy.

Did I ever mention the Fat Quarters tote bags I'm making? I don't think I have. I have to turn in the book telling how to make them. Darn it all. When will I learn NOT to make projects from library books. Then I either have to end up buying the book, requesting it again so I can check it out another time, or snapping a photo with my digital camera hoping I can find the directions on my hard drive later.

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