Monday, 20 October 2014

Mid October Update

Those ideas just keep coming.

Yesterday I started my knitted fox hood in coffee brown, burnt pumpkin and cream. I decided to edge it with the dark color first so the orange will stand out more.

Holding the yarn for the fox hood.

The first 3 rows of the fox hood are done.
The top and bottom layers of the boho purse are ready to be joined.
 Above is the Gypsy Boho Style Bag. I've made a lot of progress on it. I love the colors. Things are really coming together.

I find it helpful to stick the buttons onto tape to keep them from blowing away while working on them in the yard.
Fiddling around with crocheting buttons. Would you pay $2 a piece for them on Etsy?
Making a hexagon a day for my MOOD AFGHAN.
Today is day 4 of my mood afghan. What colors shall I choose today? I'm in a hungry mood. Maybe yellow, white and brown for bacon and eggs. Haha.

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